Window Cleaning

Spending time indoors is never a bad idea. Even on a bright sunny day, everyone enjoys opening their blinds and letting some fresh sunshine light up the room, but what good is it if you have dirty streaky windows distorting your view? One easy way to keep your home looking great is to maintain your windows cleaned throughout the year. Dirt and debris is what causes windows to look foggy, which in turn cause the home to look older than it really is. This issue also applies indoors as you’re looking out. You may have a very well decorated home with the interior shinning in beauty, but the shine could easily reduce upon noticing filthy windows.

Our window cleaning service includes the cleaning of every window done by hand, rather than with a pole or an extension. We use EPA friendly cleaning solutions that’ll leave your windows spotless. Special surgical rags are also used to avoid leaving scratches cheaper towels tend to cause. Also, our cleaning doesn’t stop at the glass. The trim surrounding the window is also cleaned as well. Oh, and one more thing. Your screens are also cleaned, all included in the cost. We check our windows to make sure no smudges or smears are present. If a window appears smudgy even after we have cleaned it, give us a call and we’ll come right back. Almost all the time, we find smudges to be inside of the window, given we only cleaned the exterior.

As you can see, our technician here is cleaning these upper windows by hand. Using an extension with a brush, let alone an extension with any cleaning device, sacrifices quality. We don’t cut corners or sacrifice quality.

Our crew working side by side to avoid skipping or missing a window. The red brick house on the right has dormer windows that have never been cleaned simply due to the lack of equipment needed to reach it. Not to worry, as you can see our ladders have no problem reaching 3 story heights.

Working together is key to maximizing productivity and efficiency. Our 2 guys here working together followed by the checking of each other’s work after the cleaning has been completed. Our tool belts allow us to carry multiple surgical rags at once, rather than using the same dirty ones on multiple windows. This method increases productivity and allows us to continually work with clean rags.

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