Pressure Washing

Far too often we all believe we can take care of our home maintenance needs, and we sometimes can. That is, until accidental damages occur. When pressure washing any surface that is not solid unpainted concrete, careful procedures must be taken to avoid damages. Our crew members here at Ross Cleaning are trained to know exactly what can/cannot be power washed as well as how much pressure should be applied in different surfaces. We also use a blend of solutions to remove grime, mold, and other stains around your property. Our crew knows how to effectively spray the solution without getting it in the unwanted places.

Driveways before/after

Mold, mildew, grime, dirt etc… are properly removed with no streaks or colored lines left behind.

Wooden fence

Considering replacing your wooden fence due to cosmetic purposes? Consider pressure washing it first! Our pressure washing staff understand wooden fences particularly must be washed with equal distance from top to bottom to avoid discoloration.

Covering of plants

We leave nothing to chance. Safety precautions are always taken beforehand to protect plants, electronics or anything that could be affected by the cleaning. Delicate plants and flowers are covered before our solutions are sprayed and uncovered before the building is washed, to avoid heat trapping damage.

Pressure washing house

Proper pressure is needed during the cleaning of any building. Our crew performs “soft washes” at the request of the customer, but in the hands of a trained technician, soft washes won’t be necessary. Our machines will already have their PSI (pressure) valve adjusted accordingly.

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