Cleaning and maintaining your property is a wonderful way to keep up your home’s curb appeal and avoid future costly repairs due to negligence. A cleaning of the exterior will bring out the building’s true beauty but often times, our cleaning might reveal certain areas where painting, staining or varnishing would be needed. If this is the case, not to worry. Our painting department here at Ross Cleaning has an excellent track of completing major jobs from painting entire exterior buildings to minor jobs such as bedrooms or halls across a home. All our work is handled with extra care and all safety procedures such as covering surfaces and taping cut-off sections, are taken before the painting, staining or varnishing starts.

Some surfaces require painting through a process of spraying, others require rolling.

Siding for example, is sprayed as the best option. This way, the paint will cover thoroughly on all sides and avoid leaving drip marks which rolling could possibly leave.

Our Paint Department crew members working together to complete this beautiful stucco home. Customers always have the option of picking their choice of color (unless your community has HOA restrictions.) These customers decided to go with the same color as prior. We don’t blame them, look at how amazing that gold tint looks!

Years of sun exposure caused the stain on this garage door to fade and peel. Up to the moment this picture was taken, the entire garage door was sanded down followed by a touch of stain on the upper half of the door. Upon staining the rest, the door will be finished with a clear coat of varnish to protect it and give it a shine.

Took this beautiful home from its original stucco color to this incredible white mixed with a few droplets of Deep Gold and Raw Umber.

Originally, these French doors were to be replaced. It didn’t take us very long to figure out the only problem was at the bottom where years of rain had taken a toll on the unprotected wood. As you can see, we’ve replaced the bottom parts of the doors with treated wood for maximum protection and took the green color a few shades lighter.

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