Carpentry Work

As a company who specializes in cleaning and maintenance services, we also specialize in keeping the building’s beauty by repairing cosmetic damages such as rotten wood. It isn’t uncommon for small critters to gnaw and chew away at the planks, boards, and building materials from your property. Over time, wooden material will also decay naturally due to our year-round precipitation and humidity. All carpentry fixtures in need of repair are replaced with grade A material with the same design/molding as the previous board. Weather you have rotten planks, siding, trim, facia, soffit or doors, everything is repairable.

Our technician replacing the boards necessary after years of gnawing and chewing from nearby critters.

On the left side of the technician we have newly replaced window trim ready for painting. The window being worked on only needs a dash of caulking to be ready as well.

Our customer considered replacing these great looking French windows because of a rotting issue at the bottom due to splattering rainfall over 2 decades. Oh how happy was our customer, when we made her current ones look as beautiful as new and saved her the cost of replacement.

Who says carpentry skills are limited to the art of working with wood? This customer purchased gym flooring which came in square puzzle mats and asked if we could shape it for her to accustom the garage floor. After a few written calculations, we got it to precisely match the shape needed without cutting corners. (No pun intended.)

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